Re: How has NVDA benefitted you during the pandemic

Cearbhall O'Meadhra



Apologies for not spell-checking my last response!


I really appreciate the value of NVDA. As I said, I use it as my principle screen reader for every action including emails, web searches and resolving accounting problems using Microsoft Excel.


I have started following a Python course during the lock-down. With some help, I found a course called Think Python very accessible and well-written. I tried the online console service Python Anywhere and found it  to be very accessible for direct command line issues. But its online editor was unusable with NVDA and so I had to abandoned it altogether. I found that I could run Python commands from the Windows console in Windows 10 and that works very well with NVDA.


I would like to thank  the team for all their work on this great screen reader.



All the best,




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