Re: How has NVDA benefitted you during the pandemic

Luke Robinett <blindgroupsluke@...>

I know sometimes we users complain, whether here or on github, about bugs, unresolved issues and things that are just a part of any application, but this is a great opportunity to make sure the NVDA team understands just how much we appreciate the hard work they do. in October 2019 I began a six month intensive full stack web development Boot Camp through the University Of Oregon. Like many things I do, I was the first blind student to enroll in the program so there were lots of unknowns, but everybody was really supportive and excited to have me on board. Fast forward to March. With one month left in the class, the lock down orders happened and we were forced to finish the last month of class virtually. Thanks to NVDA, I was always able to keep up with the rest of the class using my laptop, whether we were in person together or learning remotely via zoom. Frankly I don’t know what I’d do without NVDA. I’ve tried JAWS and narrator and they all come up short when compared to what I considered the gold standard. I donate to the project on a recurring monthly basis and just want to say a huge thank you for enabling those of us who are blind to continue being successful professionally, academically and personally.

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