Re: Fluent Reader: a feature-rich and accessible Windows RSS reader


Sure, I did it a while ago, but compared with full-fledged RSS readers it suffered from so many shortcomings that I removed it after a short while.
BTW in my previous message I forgot to add that I'd be happy to prepare a short guide for Fluent Reader if people are interested in that. For the time being, suffice it to say that your subscriptions appear at the bottom of the first page of the app. Once you press Enter on each subscription, the headings above it get populated with articles from that feed. And once you press on each heading, the text inside the only frame on the page gets populated with the text of your article. Of course, it's not the full page. Above that frame you can interact with a few buttons/links to display the full text, show the original article, mark it as read, etc.
The only nagging issue is that NVDA, and JAWS, detect our feeds as buttons and don't read their names automatically as we move to them via Up/Down arrows. Pressing Insert+Up or Insert+Tab, or oftentimes using B and SHIFT+B, helps, but IMHO this is something the developer can improve upon.


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