Re: List of NVDA Key Strokes

David Moore

Hello thomas! Just hold down the nbda key, and press the letter n as in Nancy to bring up the main menu. Then, down arrow to the help submenu and press the right arrow key to open that period then, up arrow and press enter on the users guide. And entire guide for using nvda well open in your default browser. All of the key commands are in chapters four five and sex of that guide I believe that's right. To read by word, just use the Windows command holding down control and pressing right and left arrow keys. To read by line, just press down arrow for next line, up arrow for previous line, and hold down the nvda key and press up arrow to read current line. I believe that's right for current line. Basically, it's just using Windows commands for reading by character word and line like any other screen reader to get you started. You must use the regular arrow keys for nvda. If you use the number pad, you will be navigating with something called the review cursor which gets into more detail. So, use the normal arrow keys!

On Tue, Sep 22, 2020, 6:50 PM Thomas E Williamson, Senior <pofm2016@...> wrote:

I am new to the list.  
How can I find the general reading key strokes for NVDA?
For example, reading by character, by word, or by line.


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