Re: Gmail Filter Setup - Specifically, for the NVDA Group Messages

Daniel McGee

Bryan, sorry for the confusion. When I said that I edited the filter. I basically substituted the: to filled address of this list for  your suggestion: the subject line including the brackets. 

Also, I told the rule to: skip the inbox. Plus apply the conversation's check box and finally to go into my NVDA folder. 

The rule works with incoming messages going into my NVDA folder. However, they still are not skipping my inbox. Thus Having duplicated messages in two locations. 

I hope this makes my setup more clearer to understand.

 wondering, is this the way that gmail behaves now by default?   

On 23 Sep 2020, at 22:41, Brian Vogel <britechguy@...> wrote:


           It appears there may be issues with messages and Gmail filtering, as there are workarounds that have had to be done with Gmail.  I am having no issues with filtering messages from the [jawsscripts] messages from, but the NVDA messages are still having the Inbox label applied to them in addition to the label for NVDA Group Messages, even when I say to archive them.  I'm researching further for a possible workaround.


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