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JM Casey

I will often praise foobar for audio playback, but, old habits die hard, and I also use winamp for most audio needs to this day.
That does sound like a good plugin, the variable pitch one...
I don't think it's enough to make anyone switch but it's worth noting that VlC can do this natively/without plugins. Not sure if there is a hotkey pre-set for it though like there is for the compression feature (iE, decreasing speed without changing pitch etc).

I use VLC for video playback, and for some audio formats that Winamp doesn't handle very well (some audio and video formats, Winamp cannot index properly, which means you can't really fast forward or rewind through a track)

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I know Winamp is widely used and is accessible. Other players are as well, but I'll let those who use them discuss them. I usually use Winamp. I'll tell you why I use Winamp in general and other list members may describe which players they like.

When using NVDA, you don't have the time marker feature JAWS incorporated for use with Winamp. But there is a utility made by the late Carlos, who is much missed, that will allow you to set time markers with any screen-reader or even without one. It is completely independent of and doesn't require a screen-reader be used.

Then, there is a plugin I use for slowing down or speeding up the speed of material. It doesn't keep the pitch constant, it slows down and speeds up speed as though you were using a variable speed control on a tape recorder or record player. That plugin is very useful to me. I digitized a lot of tapes and my tape recorder was running a little fast. I slow down the speed of the files when I play them in Winamp. They must be certain formats or the plugin doesn't work properly. I know MP3 will work, There may be others but I don't know what works and what doesn't.

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From: Marco Oros
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Subject: [nvda] Mostly used media player with NVDA

Hello dear NVDA users.

I have a question. Which mediaplayer are You use with NVDA? Which media player is mostly accessible for users of NVDA?

Thank You.

Marco Oros

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