Re: Gmail Filter Setup - Specifically, for the NVDA Group Messages

Luke Davis

On Wed, 23 Sep 2020, Brian Vogel wrote:

is have a subject contains, using [nvda] as what it contains, and the actions being Skip Inbox and Apply Label where the label is your NVDA label (why Gmail
calls these things labels I'll never quite know, but they're implemented as IMAP folders)
Because they are labels.

Gmail can have real folders (such as All Mail), and virtual folders, which someone has described as "constantly updating search windows". The virtual folders get their contents based on the labels selected, but the mail has to exist in some real folder in order to be searchable and have a label.

That's why deleting a message from its real folder, deletes it from the virtual folder, because the virtual folders (label folders) don't hold any mail.

That's my understanding, anyway.


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