Re: Gmail Filter Setup - Specifically, for the NVDA Group Messages

Luke Davis

On Wed, 23 Sep 2020, Brian Vogel wrote:

On Wed, Sep 23, 2020 at 10:54 PM, Luke Davis wrote:
Because they are labels.
-OK, fine.  If you want to adopt Google's mystery labels as being something real, be my guest.They're an excuse to obfuscate, as this entire discussion
pretty much proves.  They're as clear as mud, and as necessary as a screen door in a submarine. --
Hah. Okay, I think their more like what most other environments would call tags.

I can kind of see it from Google's point of view, having needed to build virtual filesystems a time or two myself.

When all that has really changed is the way you point to something, why go through the compute overhead of moving a potentially large file around?

And if that file needs to be reached from several places at once, why have to keep multiple copies of it? Especially when you serve millions of users, juggling billions of messages, all those little compute savings, disk IO savings, and cache actions add up to dollars.

And speaking of dollars, keep in mind that gmail's initial purpose, other than an ecosystem element, was to make advertising money for Google by allowing them to scan through all mail in gmail, to allow them to better target advertising to their users.
That is made computationally much less taxing, if they can cut down on duplication of data, and the need to compare content against other content to make sure they don't mess up their keyword weighting by having the same identical message processed several times, just because someone has it in multiple folders.

As much as I generally hate Google, I can admit the technical elegance of their solution.


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