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Hi Sylvie

Great link for screen-reader tips, thanks.


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I use the windows Slack app every day at work and it works rather fine.

You can use f6 and shift+F6 to switch from the messages list, to the channels list or the message edit field. NVDA switches automatically in forms mode so that you can type your message, and it switches back to browse mode in other situations.

With the automatic forms mode switching you can navigate through the messages with up and down arrow keys.

Sometimes NVDA gets stuck because it cannot decide if enabling forms or browse mode, but in most situations, it works rather good.

There is a useful help for you to learn how to use Slack with a screen reader :

Use a screen reader on Slack on desktop, that provides helpful information.



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I have to agree with the other person who replied. It’s absolutely doable but it’s a bit cumbersome at times. Once you get familiar with its quirks you do get used to it, and ultimately every area of the app is accessible.

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The Slack Windows client is fairly usable with lots of hot keys for faster navigation. Those that I use the most are ctrl+k and ctrl+j. It is annoying at moments and never pleasant, but covers my needs and most likely yours.

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