Re: When auto-language switching fails

Bianka Brankovic <bianka.brankovic@...>

Hi Deborah and all,


I just checked Switch Synth is on the list of compatible add-ons.


If you cannot or do not want to install the add-on the only other way I know is to define profiles for the other languages and to bind them to triggers/programs or activate them manually.  


I wonder how difficult it is to implement a keystroke like NVDA-CTRl-G for changing into the Profiles Management setting and if this might be useful for other scenarios as well.  or if it might be possible to integrate the Switch Synth feature into the core, just thinking aloud here.


If there already is an issue on this on Github, or if this has been discussed before, please let me know.


Thanks and kind regards,


Bianka Brankovic












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