Re: When auto-language switching fails

David Goldfield

Deborah, regarding other speech options you can purchase licenses for Nuance Vocalizer voices as well as Acapela, both of which offer Spanish options.

This link takes you to the page where you can purchase a package giving you a combination of both Eloquence and Vocalizer, which is the option that I purchased.

The various voices for Acapela and Vocalizer need to be individually downloaded.

David Goldfield,
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On 9/25/2020 5:56 AM, Rui Fontes wrote:

Have you tried to use the synth ring commands?


It will let you change language almost immediatly...

Rui Fontes

Às 22:39 de 24/09/2020, Deborah Armstrong escreveu:
I have a question for all you bilingual folks. I'm learning Spanish and entering now my fourth quarter and have moved from beginner to intermediate.
If I use JAWS and when a website, assignment or test doesn't have the correct markup for automatic language switching, I can issue the keystroke Control-Windows-L to have JAWS change the synthesizer language. 
But I am not finding any feature in NVDA that does the same thing. I can certainly go to preferences and Speech and make changes there, but I'm often reading things in Spanish with instructions or explanations in English. And I prefer the Braille support NVDA gives me with Spanish. Is there an easier way to switch synthesizer languages on the fly?

I previously used the switch synth add-on before NVDA moved to Python 3. But I removed all my add-ons to make the upgrade easier, and then just installed Braille extender.  Is that switch Synth add-on still the easiest or the only way to do this?
And are my only choices for free Spanish voices the Microsoft and the Espeak Spanish voices?
Thanks for the help.

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