firefox and waterfox issues.


Hi all.

There is an issue on github of both waterfox and nvda about how the brouser is really flakey in the latest version.

Aparently firefox has the same issues, at first I thought it was just a couple sites, but now I can be brousing along and it may be blogspot, github, another site, and things will become unresponsive.

I thought I'd fixed it this morning but no I hadn't.

If you open sites each in a new tab things do not crash but eventually if you open things in the same window things will crash and become unresponsive.

This never happened on the previous waterfox version but if its happening in firefox as well as waterfox classic then there is a problem.

I like classic waterfox for what it is but if its going to do this sort of thing I may have to use chrome and hope it doesn't do this.

I don't like what chrome does to some number conversions in sites like as they don't read decimals right because how the numbers and such on the site are done but well things just seem to be well doing bad things right now.

Interested to get to the bottem of this.



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