Re: Mostly used media player with NVDA


Well not sure about pot, but yeah, itunes has some good points.
The chief among them is the use of gracenote which is really cool
something in a hurry itunes will do it for me.
If I want to buy something I want and can't find it other places, then
itunes will have it.
Right, so the biggest issue I have with itunes then is that it seems
to add its own markups onto prices of things I know are cheaper in
other digital stores.
That and the fact the icloud app secures part of itself so system
restore just doesn't work with it and no, I can't find any way to make
that go away.
There used to be a way but I can't find now now.
If I need to recognise

On 26/09/2020, Supanut Leepaisomboon <> wrote:
I use both PotPlayer and iTunes. PotPlayer is quite accessible now, from my
tests. I also use Foobar, but mainly for converting iTunes m4a files into
mp3 files.

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