Re: accessible disk imaging software.

Michael Micallef at FITA

Dear Rich,

Could you please write me offline or on this list how is the process the restore part using the image for windows, I manage to make a backup with Image for windows but I don't know exactly how to restore it back. Please note that I'm totally blind so if I booth from the cd to restore the backup I certainly don't have speech, So please help me with some hints how you manage to do it from the totally blind perspective.
My email address is:
Thank you,

Michael Micallef
Malta Europe.


Michael Micallef
Officer in charge of ICT Accessibility Certification
and ICT Training for Persons with a Visual Impairment

Foundation for Information Technology Accessibility (FITA)

+356 2599 2343

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Good morning,
I use image for windows and it is completely accessible.
I use it with jaws but nvda should work as well.
It is very inexpensive and has a thirty day trial.
I have successfully backed up my pc for about four years now and even used it to backup and restore to a new hard drive with no trouble.
Hope this helps,

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Subject: [nvda] accessible disk imaging software.

hi all.
i require an accessible disk imaging software that can backup and restore windows 10 and data and also has incrimental and differencial backup features.
i used to use active@disk image but it doesnt restore windows 10 properly.
please suggest

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