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Quentin Christensen

Hi Georgi,

Re downloading NVDA.  The reason an e-mail is asked for is both because it gives an easy way to opt in to our mailing list (which isn't sold or shared and which is only really posted to when there is actually news to share) and to help keep track of download statistics.  Yes it could be seen as a little annoying, but to be honest, there are very few programs which don't ask for this nowdays.  Once you have downloaded the program and installed it, then it automatically checks for updates and prompts to install the new version without asking for an email address etc again.

Re the snapshots, I'll have to have a look tomorrow - I've been using the RC build lately - I know there was a bug a few weeks ago where it would ding at you as if you'd pressed a wrong key, doing many things in Word, which sounds a bit like you describe - I thought we'd sorted that out but it could be something else.  Are you using the latest snapshot and can you give a specific example to reproduce it please?

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On Mon, Aug 29, 2016 at 8:40 PM, Георги Ламбов <obichamlegiona@...> wrote:
   Good afternoon group!

I really can't understand why it's necessary to give my e-mail for downloading NvdA. No program requires this.

Another question concerning: this time the snapshot-versions of NvdA.

I'd like with pleasure to use snapshot-versions of NvdA and on this way to give my little contribution for NvdA. But the reason I don't do this is: the awful sound, which sometimes is to hear during the work with any snapshot version of NvdA. Believe me: it's really awful and very unpleasant, and it startles when someone do something and pay attention on his work. Well, when this sound is lively necessary for The developers of NvdA, isn't it possible to find some lower and more pleasant sound?


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