Re: Pronunciation: Unwanted Dates


What is awfully clicky? I've tried the SAPI 5 version and the add-on version of Eloquence. They aren't clicky. I don't know when this was corrected, but for quite awhile, the add-on paid version of Eloquence had a lot of artifacts and I recommended against people using it. But at some point, that was corrected.

As far as if you are discussing a free version of Eloquence, that version is illegal and can't be shared on the list.

Regarding Via Voice, that is an IBM product, or it was. I don't know if IBM still owns it or sold it. I don't know what its legal status is.


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It's an awfully clicky version of eloquence. Then again so is the paid
version. If you want me to link to it here, I will but I need express

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