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To be honest the best vocaliser voices where the originalrealspeak 32 bit voices you get off a jaws 8 cd.

The issue of course is that they are not updated and not 64 bit by default though you can install them.

The payed for voices are not the same but with windows doing weird things to 32 bit voices, and with the ending of the control panel, I suspect that some of the hacks we have gotten to know and love will be going away.

I am sure should we need the control panel we will be able to access it manually even if microsoft hides it from the general public.

On 28/09/2020 3:42 pm, mattias wrote:

sure that some vocalizer voices sounds like a real person but not all of them. some voices sounds metalic

Den 28 september 2020 01:32:47 skrev "Leslie" <soundsofmusic@...>:

Well, I had Elquence for years and I’m sure glad they came out with other voices that sound like an actual person talking. 


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It sounds like Eloquence, but it is technically different.  I don't know if

you can get it legally or where you would find it.



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Well it's an eloquence voice. I can't tell you that, or they'll have to

kill me.










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