Re: Pronunciation: Unwanted Dates


Though it should be added that if you use the British dialect of Eloquence and, Via Voice may well have that dialect choice as well, but I've never checked, its really poor.  it sounds like an American trying to imitate a British accent and doing so very poorly, which is what it actually is.  The British dialect wasn't developed by British speakers and it sounds like it.

The American speech is extremely good in terms of proper inflection, proper pausing, and pronouncing the most words correctly out of the box of any synthesizer I've tried.


On 9/28/2020 4:05 AM, Amir wrote:
Yeah -- I've also observed the breathing with MS OneCore voices and don't like it either. MS OneCore voices, though more human-like, have a low bit/sample rate -- something again I can't appreciate. As far as US English is concerned, Eloquence/IBMTTS remains unrivaled.

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