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The legal status of ViaVoice is a bit unclear, at least on Windows. On Linux, it's still sold by Voxin, but I'm not aware of anyone still selling it for Windows. The last news I found concerning it was around 2011 or 2012, when Wizzard Software discontinued it. There are some not-trial versions floating around, i.e. they claim to be trials and seem to have trial watermarks in their installers, and claim you have 90 days to use them in their license agreements, but no actual demo limitations, but it's unclear where exactly they came from, and they're very difficult to find online today. Interestingly, the parser included with that version of ViaVoice still exists today in IBM Watson, they're not selling the same voice of course, but parser is still very much the same, you can verify this by trying out an online demo of Watson and sending it words or phrases that ViaVoice mispronounces, such as ribcage or on does.

On 9/27/2020 9:08 PM, Gene wrote:
What is awfully clicky?  I've tried the SAPI 5 version and the add-on version of Eloquence.  They aren't clicky.  I don't know when this was corrected, but for quite awhile, the add-on paid version of Eloquence had a lot of artifacts and I recommended against people using it.  But at some point, that was corrected.

As far as if you are discussing a free version of Eloquence, that version is illegal and can't be shared on the list.

Regarding Via Voice, that is an IBM product, or it was.  I don't know if IBM still owns it or sold it.  I don't know what its legal status is.

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It's an awfully clicky version of eloquence. Then again so is the paid
version. If you want me to link to it here, I will but I need express

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