Re: waterfox issues still not solved


How do you get it to do this in chrome or brave?

The only thing I get is an alert stating there is a download, I then have to hit controlj then choose keep or discard.

This would be mainly for executables or microsoft installer packages the rest I don't mind if it saves including audio.

On 28/09/2020 9:23 pm, Gene wrote:
You can make the dialog pop up in your face with Firefox or Chrome or Brave. I have it pop up so that I can rename the file if I wish or change the download location, though I choose one place for all downloads, then don't change it.

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Subject: [nvda] waterfox issues still not solved


Well, sent another comment at waterfox devs, they seem to think its just
javascript on sites and seem to have no interest fixing it.

Waterfox 2020.08 has no issue which is what I am running now, after
profile refreshes, and restores, and everything short of a full reformat
I can confirm its definitely 09 and possably firefox as well.

If this is true, this may mean the end of any fox brouser.

The biggest thing that attract me are the download dialogs in waterfox

Chrome has one if you go to downloads but I like the dialog for
downloads popping up in my face because unless I look for it its hard to

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