Re: running beta of nvda


On Mon, Sep 28, 2020 at 02:59 PM, Joseph Lee wrote:
As for making debug tones optional or suppressing it in beta releases, it should be something that must be taken care of from alpha channel first i.e. let’s ask NV Access via GitHub.
Works for me.  But the production of error tones when there are no errors is, quite simply, a philosophical no-go for me.  I don't care if some "benchmark tone" is used, but it should never be what would indicate an error condition under normal circumstances.  And I really, really hope that the tone used is not hard-coded and could be "swapped out" during beta, and swapped back in for release, if there are "spare debug tones" that use error tones during beta.  Ideally, those spare tones should use their own sound.

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