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It is useful in alpha builds, but I do understand that it isn't so much for beta releases. The bigger problem isn't swapping debug tone - rather, instructing people as to how to spot these errors and reporting them using appropriate methods. This is the reason why whenever I get bug reports about add-ons (or in some cases, NVDA itself), I ask for a debug log offlist so it can be reproduced and reported to NV Access; in some cases I do come back and report additional findings and let folks know what will happen in a follow-up action.
Perhaps the bigger issue would be teaching people about how to report bugs appropriately. It isn't enough to simply state that you are hearing descending tones. Users and developers would like to know possible steps taken to arrive at a specific problem, including what NVDA did versus what folks were expecting. Even though users might not be able to provide certain details, discussions on this list and elsewhere may provide necessary info for people to help debug and think about solutions (and in some cases, implement them).
Although I do not say this a lot in public, but I feel it is time I say it: I take lack of detailed bug reports and the atmosphere behind lack of effective bug reporting instructions as a personal failure.

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Maybe the solution here is to open issues for every single error we hear that isn't a duplicate of something else, since these are obviously important enough to get the user's attention.

You (and others who are part of the project) don't seem to understand that the sound is useless to most of us.
It comes up so often that it's just background noise. Let's take some simple examples:

1. Restart with add-ons disabled, press control NVDA v, tab twice, hit escape, press control NVDA s to switch synth then hit enter.
You'll most likely get:
RuntimeError: wrapped C/C++ object of type BoxSizer has been deleted

Does this matter to anyone? Probably not, since it's been there for a while.

Next one. Switch to a synth which is an addon, then restart with add-ons disabled. You hear the startup sound, then the error sound.
When you look, you find out that it's just NVDA not being able to load the synth, because addons are disabled, which is a completely expected case. But this shouldn't produce the sound.

There are others, which come up when doing seemingly simple tasks. Alt tabbing just now is a perfect example of something I would not expect to
Could not register for UIA events for element Why is that important? If it can't register because of a COM Error, it should do something else, or tell you if you debug.

Alt tabbing again, we get another error sound, this time for an unreachable wave player.

On 9/28/2020 11:32 AM, Joseph Lee wrote:

This behavior is intentional – beta is not really a stable build yet,
so NVDA developers are interested in fixing major errors if possible,
hence the debug tone.



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Yep running beta 2 of NVDA

On 9/28/2020 9:35 AM, Chris via wrote:

Are you sure you are running the beta and not the alpha?

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Running the latest beta of NVDA on a Win 10 computer. Getting the

ding every time I go to a web page with Google Chrome. Also get a

ding when I close Google Chrome.

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