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The error sound plays when NVDA encounters an error (and that will be written to the log).  In some (many?) cases, the program will pick this up, and try something else to do what it needs to do.  In some cases, it is able to work around the problem, do whatever it was trying to do, and an end user wouldn't normally notice any problem.  In Alpha and Beta builds, the error sound is played when that error is encountered, even if NVDA then goes on to work around it.  In RC and stable builds, the error sound is suppressed.  If you look in the log, you'll still find the error there, even if you didn't notice anything untoward while working normally.  Ideally the point of the error sound is to alert the tester to the error, so they can investigate further.

There has been discussion in the past about the idea of having this be configurable.  This is the only issue I can find on it though which was closed a couple of years ago:  If anyone feels like creating a new issue, I think a case can be argued for the inclusion of an option, perhaps on the "Advanced" settings screen and have error sounds automatically enabled for alpha / beta builds and automatically disabled for RC / release builds.


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No, it doesn’t do that, although we came so close to it a while back with Crash Hero. The checkbox in question is about data to be sent when NVDA checks for updates for the purpose of gathering statistics on synthesizers, braille displays and such.




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Doesn't NVDA have an automatic bug reporting system?  I thought that is why we have that checkbox that says if you want to send info to the NVDA developers to make it better. Thought it sent back something if an error occurs or something but maybe it doesn't do that.













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          The lack of detailed bug reporting is hardly limited to NVDA, and you know that as well as anyone.

           But as I've said before, and Tyler confirms in other instances (but at least where something shows up), getting error tones when there is no observable error makes it impossible for someone to even write a bug report.  What would it say, "Everything worked just fine, but I got an error tone?."  That's why the use of such when real errors have not actually occurred, or are at a level that the end user could never hope to document or influence, they're a terrible idea.

            I'd also hope that NVDA, like most modern software, includes telemetry to report "silent error" conditions.

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