Re: A more intelligent NVDA OCR?

Bhavya shah

Dear all,

I look forward to using this neat OCR functionality when I switch to a
Windows 10 system. I am not sure about interpreting control types and
interface structure from scanned text, but I am quite surprised to
learn that while you can press Enter to simulate a left click on a
portion of the scanned text, you cannot press the Applications key to
right click it currently. Is there an existing GitHub ticket for this
feature request? If not, I encourage Luke and others to consider
filing one.


On 9/29/20, Larry Wang <> wrote:
It is only available in Windows 10, it is also limited by your system
language. For ocr on lower version of windows you can try this addon
written by me.

在 2020/9/29 5:39, Hope Williamson 写道:
Ok nope it really doesn't. I guess that's the one thing I'll keep the
other screen reader for.

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