Looking for free medical dictionary

Janet Brandly

Hello Sandesh,

I hope I have gotten your name right. Thank you for recommending this software, I will definitely check into it. I am taking a medical transcription course right now through Ashworth College; actually, I'm using it as a refresher to a course I took several years ago. Do you work in the medical transcription field? If so, I would be interested in hearing about your experiences with employment, software accessibility, etc.

Again, thank you for the recommendation.


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Hi Janet,
We can use Enable India spelling tool to learn medical words. These words related medical transcription. And you can download this tool from below link.


Reach me if you require further support to download the software. This is free of cost.
It will corrects you and encourages you to do more practice all sort of spellings. And it has more medical words.
Such as drug names, diseases names, Etc.
With regards,
Sandesh HR
On 9/30/20, Janet Brandly <jbrandly@shaw.ca> wrote:
Hello all,

Would anybody be able to recommend a medical dictionary, preferably
free at least for now, which works well with NVDA and Word 2016?



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