Re: symbols don't get spoken despite being added to both lists

Quentin Christensen

When adding a symbol, the symbol level (None, some, most or all) corresponds to NVDA's punctuation / symbol level.  When NVDA is set to "Some", only symbols with a symbol level of "None" or "Some" are reported.  At most, NVDA reads symbols with a level of "None", "Some" or "Most" etc.  You can adjust NVDA's symbol level with NVDA+p or from NVDA's speech / voice settings (NVDA+control+v to open that screen and tab to "Punctuation / Symbol level".

So, if you set a symbol to have a level of "All", it will only be read at symbol level "All".

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On Wed, Sep 30, 2020 at 10:42 PM Anne Günther <ag82lca@...> wrote:
I've just started to learn esperanto, which has some special symbols. I
added the first one, which is translated in one specific vowel and it
worked finge. I added another which gets translated into a group of
letters and it doesn't get spoken. I tried to add it to the standard
dictionary. But that doesn't work either. In the symbol dialogue, I set
the level to "all" and also the "gets send to speech" to "always.
What could be the problem?
best wishes, Guenni

Quentin Christensen
Training and Support Manager

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