Re: Veracryp's SecureDesktop opt not usable latest trunk

john doe

Based on the feedback I got so far, I think I need to clarify my

According to Gene, secureDesktop triggered by UAC is working when NVDA
is installed.
As I can not test this for now, I'll trust Gene on that one.

Why can't NVDA take advantage of secureDesktop in portable mode
(technical limitation, support lacking in NVDA ...)?

The following speaks only in the context of Veracrypt:

As far as testing goes, the secureDesktop triggered by Veracrypt (2) is
not accessible with NVDA installed or in portable mode.
If I understand correctly, secureDesktop should at least be accessible
when NVDA is installed.

- Why is secureDesktop triggered by Veracrypt not accessible at all?

I appriciate any feedback.


John Doe

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