Re: symbols don't get spoken despite being added to both lists

Quentin Christensen

Glad to help :)

Also, re the "Always send symbol to synthesizer" option, what that does is send either the symbol itself, or the pronunciation instead, to the synthesizer.  Where this can make a difference is if the synthesizer does something with it as well as simply speaking it.   For instance, if I set up an entry for the period or comma or question mark - normally when the synthesizer receives those, it speaks it (if required) and then pauses (at the end of the sentence, or a shorter break for the comma).  If you don't send the symbol to the synthesizer, you won't get that pause.



On Thu, Oct 1, 2020 at 6:46 PM Anne Günther <ag82lca@...> wrote:
*sigh*. YYou are so right! With the first symbols I realized my mistake
and set tho option to the right end of the scale. With the latter, I
messed it up unce more.
Thanks for your answer.
best wishes, Guenni

Quentin Christensen
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