Re: Vocalizer for NVDA skips first part of speech

Socheat Muth

I don't have any problem with Eloquence voices. But for vocalizer voices, it certainly does. And it's lag, too. Code Factory should have consider fixing this. The problem exists for a long time.

On 10/1/2020 3:36 PM, Daniel Gartmann wrote:




Has anyone experienced that using the CodeFactory Vocalizer and Eloquence add-on for NVDA, the first part of the speech gets cut off if you haven’t used the system for some seconds? This happens on my computer using NVDA 2020.3 beta 3 and Codefactory Vocalizer and Eloquence add-on version 1.9 which should be the latest version according to


This does not happen with the OneCore voices supplied with Windows10, as far as I have been able to test.


I haven’t been able to test this with earlier versions, and I don’t know if the add-on can be used in the portable version alongside an installed version in order to test this with the latest alpha version.


I don’t mind adding comments to an issue on GitHub, should such an issue already exist. I can create one as well if needed.


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