Re: Introducing the Quick Dictionary add-on #addonrelease

Oleksandr Gryshchenko

Hi Lauracornwell,

> do you know when it will be put into the addons website?

I would really want to add Quick Dictionary to add-ons website.
I use it myself and hope that it will be useful for other users.
But this is my first add-on that I share with such a large community and I'm not yet familiar with the procedure for adding add-ons to the add-ons website.
Can anyone tell me where to read about this process?
Or maybe someone already has experience publishing their add-ons and can tell me about it.
Thank you!

Best wishes!

Gryshchenko Oleksandr
Mobile: +380 68 112-61-41
Skype:    grisov-ua

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