Re: translating the certification exam


Is that the official NVDA stance? Somehow I very much doubt it.
Because although the world language might be English, there are a
whole lotta folks using NVDA whose native language is not English, &
they deserve the same chance as those whose native language is.
Learning is hard enough when you're blind. When you have to learn in a
language not your own, it's double-hard. Personally, I admire so much
the folks on this list who, despite having to learn in a language
that's not their native tongue, do it anyway in hopes of helping
others. Their courage is incredible. Anything others can do to ease
that learning curve ought to be fostered & encouraged. NVDA is an
international community. whatever we can do to reinforce that is a
wonderful thing. Congratulate you, Afik! Keep up the great work!
Speaking only for myself, I hope in the coming months NVDA will be
able to put in place such procedures.

On 10/1/20, René Linke <rene.linke@...> wrote:

Am 01.10.2020 um 18:45 schrieb Afik Souffir:
I want to try to translate the NVDA certification exam from English to
The world language is English and the certificate is international. With
this you should be able to speak English well.


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