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Hi all.

You can talk with NV Access about the possibility of translate, send a email to info@... or write a message by Facebook or Twitter (is possible that Quentin or other member of the organization read your message in the list now).

The community of NVDA in Spanish ( go to translate the exam to Spanish, after of the translation of the books available in the NVAccess Shop, for example.

You need the authorization of NV Access for this.




Carlos Esteban Martínez Macías.

Músico (pianista) y también ayuda a usuarios ciegos y con discapacidad visual, con el uso de lectores de pantalla y tecnología.

Experto certificado en el lector de pantalla NVDA.


Musician (pianist) and help to the blind people, with use of screen readers and technology. Certified expert in the screen reader NVDA.



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I want to translate it, so it'll be available in Hebrew.

So I asked here.

Google translate not relate to this.





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Have you tried the following site at

You can translate say from english to another language  and I think it can go back the other way as well..


I just can not remember if the certification is a web page and if it changes the address all the time as there are 13 pages or so. It might make it tricky as it is time limited.


is there not some where in google chrome where you can also set the language so if it is in english you can specify the language you want it to change to? I do see some times before you go into a web page it will give you a option to have it translated into your language like in my case english.


Gene nz


On 2/10/2020 5:45 am, Afik Souffir wrote:


Hi all,


I want to try to translate the NVDA certification exam from English to Hebrew.


How can I do it?








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