StationPlaylist add-on 20.10.1 and 20.09.2-LTS released #addonrelease


Hello StationPlaylist users,

SPL add-on 20.10.1 and 20.09.2-LTS versions are on your way, coming to stable and long-term support channel subscribers, respectively. 20.10.1 is a localization update, whereas 20.09.2-LTS includes various changes from 20.10.x. Specifically, NVDA will now let you know if Studio window is minimized when trying to switch to it, improvements to column header and content handling in Studio’s playlist viewer, new encoder settings file format (incompatible with older add-on releases as a result), and other under the hood changes.


Note: if you are using 20.10 (stable) and would like to switch to 20.09.x (long-term support) or vice versa, you must visit NVDA community add-ons website ( to download the version you need. At the moment both versions are almost identical, but starting in November, stable channel releases will diverge from long-term support updates. Starting from January 2021, stable releases will require Studio 5.30 and NVDA 2020.3 or later.




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