nvda 2020.2 and 2020.3 beta and waterfox 2020.09


Hi all.

Well, I have just tried to test waterfox and the nvda version 2020.2 and the latest beta 2020.3 b4, with waterfox.

With no addons, and yes, both crash, beta4 does the same with the stable but the stable is a little better.

I have moved round blogspot but this will happen if I have been brousing generally from twitter to forums, to other things over a period of a few seconds to a few minutes say 3-5 minutes but could be longer.

Here is the debuglog.


It could simply do with slow sites and things loading slowly who knows.

Its been dogging me since waterfox 2020.09.

And here I was thinking it was a waterfox problem.

The beta version of nvda is being used with the configuration I would usually use minus the addons.

Nvda runs fine in 2020.08 version of waterfox.

I was able to make it crash fully but who knows.

I have latest drivers and updates.

Otherwise everything else runs fine.

This is with waterfox classic.

I am using windows 2004 1941.546

This happened in the previous 2004 build though.

Till I can get this sorted I can't use waterfox above classic 2020.08 as it crashes and can sometimes go unresponsive and often can take out nvda alltogether till I close it.

I can run 2020.08 just fine.

People on waterfox end have tried to test the brouser and found nothing.

Thought I'd push this out while nvda was still in beta.

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