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hurrikennyandopo ...

Hi Joseph

I was just looking on my nvda add on page the following link would this also help? I do not think I saw a reference on the other wicki page but I think this one is for developers of add ons found at

I do not think I was aware of the other page but will link to it though on my page.

Gene nz

On 3/10/2020 5:37 am, Joseph Lee wrote:

Hello everyone,

A few days ago someone asked on this list about getting add-ons accepted on community add-ons website, and a follow-up thread began on NvDA Add-ons mailing list. As some of you may know, the add-ons community uses reviews to validate add-ons, among which include usability, security, and documentation. Some have asked for a concrete documentation on our review process, and it turns out it is hosted on community add-ons website but no public link was provided:


After gathering initial feedback from add-ons community, I decided to rewrite this document to make it friendlier toward users and new add-ons community members (add-on authors and reviewers). Before editing this document, I’m interested in gathering feedback from you regarding this document – how effective it is, suggestions, and other comments. If you do have feedback, please either write to me directly (please try not to reply on this forum) or post your thoughts on NVDA Add-ons mailing list. Although I will think about feedback sent to this forum, it would be better to send feedback to aforementioned places to avoid clutter.

Thank you.



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