Re: Introducing the Quick Dictionary add-on #addonrelease

Oleksandr Gryshchenko

Hi colleagues,

soloman s wrote:
> Is my Mother tongue Tamil added?
Dear Soloman, sorry please, but so far your language is not in the list of available.
As I wrote before, it all depends on whether your language will be added to the online dictionary on remote server.
So far, the list of available languages there has not changed for several years.

=?ISO-2022-JP?Q?=1B$B9b=4082=22=1B=28J?= wrote:
> I choose the source and target to English. But I cannot get the dictionary article. It only says "English English".
It is very strange.
I just checked this situation - everything works fine.
The fact is that when there are errors connecting to the server, this add-on immediately reports such errors and writes them to the log NVDA.
The only thing that comes to my mind is a blocked access token due to a large number of requests from different users.
But I also use this token and everything works well for me.
In my opinion there are two possible solutions:

In the add-on settings (NVDA+Y then O), check "Use alternate server", then "Ok" button.
Select the word again and press NVDA+Y twice.
I hope this helps.

2. The second way is to register your own access token and specify it in the add-on settings. You will find a link to the registration in the application settings dialog.
But before registering, please check if there are pairs of languages ‚Äč‚Äčthat interest you in the add-on.

Good luck to all!

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