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John J. Boyer

Almost all Braille displays work with NVDA. You may have to install the manufacturer's driver. This is all covered on the NVDEA website.


On Fri, Oct 02, 2020 at 10:47:10AM -0700, Brian Vogel wrote:
We are looking for a braille display compatible with NVDA! (,,,20,0,0,0::recentpostdate%2Fsticky,,,20,2,0,77257471 )

Since using NVDA with a Braille Display falls into permissible discussion on the main group, I wanted to make sure that there were "eyes on" here in the main group.

I did not copy and paste since everything is all laid out in the message linked to above.  Responses are appropriate here on the main group, too.

One thing doesn't support is moving a topic from a subgroup to a main group or vice versa, and I wish they did, as these things happen.

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