Re: NVDA 2020.3 Beta 4 now available

Louise Pfau

Hi.  I've installed the beta.  I inadvertently overwrote my existing copy.  I have a few questions, and have come across a few minor problems.  I've placed them below my name.


1.  I noticed that focus mode is not exited when ESCAPE is pressed.  The most recent example of this is the edit fields in the web interface.

2.  NVDA reads words twice while navigating by word when they precede a punctuation mark.

3.  When I was typing this message in the interface, a separator line appeared when I inserted a blank line in the text.  At the location of the blank line, NVDA would read the previous line of text.  When I pressed ALT+TAB to go to a different window, then navigated back to the message, the text appeared correctly.

4.  What does the update to the espeak-ng synthesizer do?

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