Re: Has any one done a factory reset on Windows 10 with NVDA?

Kenny Dog <hurrikennyandopo@...>

Hi Gene

there was at least one restore point that we could go to and that was the one I chose. so it was picked and you go through the process to restore it. but for some reason it could not do it.  There are no other restore points on the machine.

From what I go t told the copy of office 2010 was installed not taken off.

I as you have heard that sometimes a older version of office will do this i guess more maybe if unsupported. I could see if when it was installed it caused it but it should not as I have the same version here.

gene nz

On 29/08/2016 10:09 PM, Gene wrote:
You said that someone put a version of Word on the computer.  Was it uninstalled at any time?  I'm quite sure I've seen discussions on this list about uninstalling office causing accessibility problems. 
As far as running a restore point is concerned, if office or Word was uninstalled, is there at least one restore point from a time before the uninstallation?  If so, you could try running it and just leave Office on the machine. 

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