Re: Has any one done a factory reset on Windows 10 with NVDA?

Kenny Dog <hurrikennyandopo@...>


Yes to mozilla fire fox and google chrome. There is no internet
explorer on her version. I went looking for it but is a shop brough
laptop with 10 on it. unless i missed it some where.

it also does not speak the menus for say note pad microsoft word but yes
i could navigate the start menus all apps etc and file manager etc.

But is is like the buffer is some how buggeree even when bringing up a
webpage, it will not speak the contents of it or even speak the menus
when you go to use them.

gene nz

On 30/08/2016 1:33 AM, Kevin Huber wrote:
Hi Gene:

Since she has Office 10, she could try downloading the version of
Window-eyes that comes free with Microsoft Office, and see if she gets
the same error in Firefox. This will tell her whether or not the
problem lies in the Screenreader.
The website for this software is:

By the way, does the phenominon that you describe happen when using
NVDA with either Internet Explorer or Chrome?

On 8/29/16, Gene New Zealand <> wrote:
Hi guys

I was wondering if any one on this list has done a factory reset for
windows 10 with NVDA?

A lady i am trying to help has a copy of Windows 10 on it with the
latest version of NVDA 2016.2.1

When she tries to go into mozilla fire fox which is online she can see
the page has loaded, but NVDA will speak nothing on the screen it just
says unknown. Even tabing etc does nothing.

NVDA will not even speak the menus up the top either.

She gets the same sort of result with mozilla thunderbird. when you tab
it just says unknown etc and the menus do not speak either.

I noticed in some programs NVDA will not speak the menus or may speak a
little of them.

I can tab around the desktop, but down on the taskbar it might say
unknown or when you get to the desktop it will speak what is there.

I have done the usual and uninstalled NVDA and also removed the settings
for the %appdata% section as well. Restarted NVDA etc and even done a
system restore but it will only let me go so far back.

She is running a lap top i think it is and I am not sure if I reset it
to factory defaults does it go back to where you have to specify your
drive etc like I done on a brand new lap top one time or will it load
with Windows? then it is a matter of putting NVDA back onto the lap top?

I have also done a factory reset on NVdA etc, but am running out of
ideas. By the way i was able to remote into her pc to see what is
happening but looks like the nvda.ini file might be corrupted.

Could i copy a good nvda.ini file to the usb stick and move it across
and fix it this way by over riding the nvda.ini file under the %appdata%

She does have a computer running Xp of which I can email to with a
working copy of NVDA and move it across with a usb stick.

I have tried with a fresh copy of NVDA etc and done it this way, but
looks like it is still having the problem.
I have also renamed the nvda.ini file to old then put nvda onto it,
but it still seems the same.

The lap top has internet access, but is unuseable to use the browser or

Would copying a working nvda.ini file from a good pc to the other one
then over riding the file maybe fix the problem?

Any ideas apart from a reformat would be good.

Gene nz

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Check out my website for nvda tutorials and other blindness related material at

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