Re: using Emoges panel

Sascha Cowley

In an editable text control, open the emoji panel by pressing [Win] + [.] (full stop) or [Win] + [;] (semicolon). With the emoji panel open, you can:
  • Use the arrow keys to browse the emojis;
  • Type to search for an emoji by name;
    • When searching for an emoji by name, the search term you type is initially entered into the text you're editing. When you select an emoji, the search term is replaced with that emoji. If you close the emoji panel, the search term remains in the text.
  • Use [Tab] and [Shift] + [Tab] to move among the emojis section, the group tabs and the category tabs;
  • When in the group tabs or category tabs, use the left and right arrows to switch tabs.

FYI, emoji is spelled E-M-O-J-I.



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