Re: Using NVDA with Virtual Desktop Environments


Well, the machine will be locked down to the company, but yeah, if its
a windows system you can use nvda on it though you will need an admin
to install it, not sure.

If this is not a windows vm though, you will have to use orca or something.
To be honest, what is the vm used for.
If its the company office and such, it may be easier to get on the
company's office at home program, and spend the cash on a pro plus
licence for office and installing it.
Of course that may mean having different profiles or email clients for
home and work or whatever, but you should be then able to access the
resources of company files yourself.
Finally, your company could just give you a locked down laptop or
workstation and you could have nvda on that and handle everything that
My brother works for an enginiering company here.
Everything is done with a personal work laptop, and virtual machines on that.
Everyone gets 100gb of google storage for work related stuff including
mail database backups.
I have an aunt that did everything off an ms remote session and it did
have audio feedback.
If the company use custom software then thats different, but it may
simply be easier to access the server with the files and use an office
on your system for work.

On 05/10/2020, Danielle Ledet <> wrote:
Hello All,

I have just been hired by TTec as a customer service rep at home and
they are using a virtual desktop. Can I use NVDA in this environment?
Anything special that I need to do to gain access to NVDA. It works
well for me in the Windows environment but when I logon to my work
environment I am signed out of NVDA. Thanks for any help.

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