Re: Has any one done a factory reset on Windows 10 with NVDA?

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I don't think that 10 does automatic restore points out of the box. Certainly there are none on mine, though of course windows 7 does.
Yes Word being removed or a test version being installed can case issues with web browsers, but in this case its everything.

Are you saying it used to work and is only more recently not working, as this would put a whole new slant on the problem. did the anti virus get updated for example.
I had no end of issues with Panda anti virus and nvda, but that was quite awhile ago now.
Nobody has stated if the account in use has admin rights or not. I don't know what occurs if you install nvda in such an environment as to me computers are completely useless if you cannot rename and change stuff.
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You said that someone put a version of Word on the computer. Was it uninstalled at any time? I'm quite sure I've seen discussions on this list about uninstalling office causing accessibility problems.

As far as running a restore point is concerned, if office or Word was uninstalled, is there at least one restore point from a time before the uninstallation? If so, you could try running it and just leave Office on the machine.


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