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Well, basically you need to give your email address so the writers can tell what part of the world and who is downloading it. You do not have to give the main one if you don't want to, a disposable one is enough. Monitoring who is using and on what sort of system is needed to help get companies to also give funding of course and to help taylor the software to the needs it is put to.

I do feel the download page is a little difficult though as I've said before. there is just one little radio button to uncheck to not go to the donate and enable the download.

The whole point of the error buzz in snaps is to alert. I suppose one could make it turn offable, but then snapshots are not release versions and you can always use the finished or rc versions, not the rc snaps, to avoid the sound. As I mentioneed before its main annoyance is in windows 7 search where it sounds a lot, but the actual error is well known and in my view could be selectively removed as many others have already been.

I do use snaps a lot of the time and in the main the few times it pops up does not worry me.
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Good afternoon group!

I really can't understand why it's necessary to give my e-mail for downloading NvdA. No program requires this.

Another question concerning: this time the snapshot-versions of NvdA.

I'd like with pleasure to use snapshot-versions of NvdA and on this way to give my little contribution for NvdA. But the reason I don't do this is: the awful sound, which sometimes is to hear during the work with any snapshot version of NvdA. Believe me: it's really awful and very unpleasant, and it startles when someone do something and pay attention on his work. Well, when this sound is lively necessary for The developers of NvdA, isn't it possible to find some lower and more pleasant sound?


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