Re: messages aren't read out automatically in the mail app

matthew dyer <ilovecountrymusic483@...>



Are you using NVDA?  If so, are you using the latest rc that just came out?  I this was fixed inthe bata cycle not sure as I do not have the rc installed and do not rely on the mail app.


On 10/6/2020 2:49 PM, Rosemarie Chavarria wrote:

Hi, everyone,


I’m trying the mail app. I was using thunderbird but it became sluggish so I decided to try the mail app again. I used to be able to hit enter on a message and it would be read out automatically. Has something changed? Now I have to go to the top of the message, hit insert down-arrow and I can read the message. How can I get messages to read out automatically in the mail app?


Thanks for your help in advance.






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