locked Announcement Only: Thunderbird and other Application Software #adminnotice


Topics about all application software, where the issue is with that software and/or its add-ons/extensions, and/or asking about how to use same, etc., that is not directly NVDA related really belong in the Chat Subgroup.

I've been getting a bit too lax lately, and intend to go back to being more strict about making the distinction between NVDA itself and its own add-ons and closely allied bits like getting a braille display working with NVDA and questions about things really not NVDA-related at all.

The fact that anyone uses NVDA to access a given piece of software does not make a question about using that software fall into "being about NVDA."  And I expect members to think before they post about whether what they're about to ask is actually about NVDA or not.

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