Re: Admin's Note, Please Read #adminnotice


The group Welcome and Monthly Reminder messages have been update to include the following very near to the beginning of each:

In addition to the NVDA Group Specific rules which follow, all members are expected to adhere to the NVAccess Citizen and Contributor Code of Conduct.  This is for the main NVDA Group and all subgroups.  If you have a grievance against an individual whom you believe to have violated the code of conduct during any interaction on this group, please e-mail us at and the issue will be investigated and addressed promptly and confidentially. 

Not that I think we're going to have any issues related to this, but I will re-emphasize the "during any interaction on this group" aspect.  If it's in public, or even in private but directly linked to a private response to a message on the group, that's within group administration's purview to handle.  If it's got its origin outside that scope, it's not.

And the kinds of disagreements that are characteristic of adults in general, and that could occasionally occur in "polite company" in real life, do not fall under the Code of Conduct.  It needs to be serious before administrative intervention is called for.

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