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Thats actually true.

For a while xbox existed with linux, I am not sure what apple macs are in but macos some of the structures used are linux like.

Now I do wander if microsoft would just drop the windows kernal and just use linux, and then sell out the win9x xp and 7/10 shells that could be a change.

I mean use linux but be able to run windows programs, without wine or anything like that.

Right now there is a not more accessible in windows than linux but who knows.

I do think that a lot of companies including microsoft are waking up to the fact that linux is probably going to take them over at some point.

On 12/10/2020 1:06 pm, mk360 wrote:

What? If Linux exists? Microsoft Azure has many Linux systems, windows 10 has WSL to enshure Linux compatibility, Android is based in Linux, ant these are only a feu examples.

Ok, probably we never have Linux on the desktop, but many, too many systems are based in linux, If you connect to internet probably you are interacting with a Linux system.



El 11/10/2020 a las 19:16, Arlene escribió:

Hi Wolfwam, Does Linux still exist? I guess very few people use it?  I’ve never heard of it until a friend of a friend tried to install it on her old computer.


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i don't use tor browser in Windows, only in Linux. Maybe you can try to

use brave browser. It also contains a Tor browser.




Am 11.10.20 um 17:43 schrieb Carlos Medrano:

> Hello All,

> I am new here, so I apologize in advance if I am sending this to the

> wrong place.

> I am using Windows 10 2004 with NVDA 2020.2 and downloaded the latest

> stable version of the TOR browser at (https://www.torproject.org),

> which is based on Mozilla Firefox 78.3.0ESR.

> When navigating the part of the browser that normally has the web

> content, NVDA just says "unknown." Has anybody had a similar issue and

> been able to solve it? If not I will file a bug with the TOR Browser

> developers to look into it.

> Many thanks,

> Carlos








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