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Hi ian.

I have twiddled round with linux a little but know little in commands.

Right now, we are limited to a certain amount of desktops.

xfce, lxde and lxqt are usable but I have never got them to work.

I almost got ciniman to work but not properly.

Unity does work as does gnome 2 classic and gnome shell.

The biggest issue right now is that anything above gnome2 is a no go.

Its not helped that some in the community are no goes for support and don't want even suggestions.

There are a lot of devs that don't want help because they know best so it never improves.

For myself, having used vmware machines, while I was able to blunder about, because of what I do generally and because of what I own, I can't see myself ever switching to linux full time, unless I get a bigger desk or bigger room to run a dedicated box with linux.

Now I do have 1 such box that has win7 on it right now and could be used.

Sadly I'd need to either use dvds or cds with it and I can't justify leaving it active all the time and in position.

Since vmware workstation 16 completely stuffed up windows keyboard on install requiring a system restore and almost a complete reformat and since to be honest I only blundered about the last year I have decided not only to not renew my vmware licence but to go back on using vmware at all on my primary system.

To top it all off, with it gone performance has gone up on the system and so I will not put it back on.

Maybe after my next reformat I may reconcidder it but who am I kidding here.

I have blundered about in all there is to see as a demo.

Back in university I doodled with linux but never really got into it as an actual os only as a toy.

I think if I try again, I will be using a real pc or a pi and if I do that I need to pick and stick with 1 distribution.

If I have to choose after a lot of fiddling, mint will probably be it though I like the arch/mandriva concept of roling release.

I technically do have room for a desktop and I guess I could run linux on this but I probably won't.

After vmware doing what it did to my system I have gone off the idea of trying to fiddle with virtual machine software.

I'd like to try virtual box or maybe a portable virtual machine software which does not interact with and potentially mess up windows on my primary system like vmware did.

I may have not installed or updated an enhanced keyboard driver but its a checkbox I didn't click and it made all the difference.

Even though my system supports it the amount of performance I got back from removing it has convinced me otherwise.

At any rate I don't have the room on my data drives to run a virtual so I'd need a dedicated customised system with the right software.

Either that or a way to multiboot a system with multiple drives to handle things.

On 12/10/2020 1:36 pm, Ian Blackburn wrote:

Hi Linux can be used by totally blind people using Orca screen reader under gnome desktop. I have not been able to work out Linux though because there are no effective audio tutorials for Linux gnome desktop like ones for say JAWS for windows or ?NVDA training modules. The problem is the cognitive load for someone who has to work out how to use the operating system at the same time as learning how to use the screen reader. It is a bit of a chicken and egg thing. You can’t learn how to use the operating system without some basic knowledge of the screen reader.

A person needs step by step ways to manage files and look on the internet so they can read the help documents or play the podcasts they want to listen to in order to get more than the basics out of the computer. I did teach myself Mac OSX and although not an expert can use the Mac for various tasks.


On 12/10/2020 8:06 am, mk360 wrote:

What? If Linux exists? Microsoft Azure has many Linux systems, windows 10 has WSL to enshure Linux compatibility, Android is based in Linux, ant these are only a feu examples.

Ok, probably we never have Linux on the desktop, but many, too many systems are based in linux, If you connect to internet probably you are interacting with a Linux system.



El 11/10/2020 a las 19:16, Arlene escribió:

Hi Wolfwam, Does Linux still exist? I guess very few people use it?  I’ve never heard of it until a friend of a friend tried to install it on her old computer.


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i don't use tor browser in Windows, only in Linux. Maybe you can try to

use brave browser. It also contains a Tor browser.




Am 11.10.20 um 17:43 schrieb Carlos Medrano:

> Hello All,

> I am new here, so I apologize in advance if I am sending this to the

> wrong place.

> I am using Windows 10 2004 with NVDA 2020.2 and downloaded the latest

> stable version of the TOR browser at (https://www.torproject.org),

> which is based on Mozilla Firefox 78.3.0ESR.

> When navigating the part of the browser that normally has the web

> content, NVDA just says "unknown." Has anybody had a similar issue and

> been able to solve it? If not I will file a bug with the TOR Browser

> developers to look into it.

> Many thanks,

> Carlos








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