Portable Virtual Box



How accessible is virtualbox compaired to vmware workstation or its player.


In 2015 or there abouts after getting a new computer with the abilities to run hardware virtualisation, I got and downloaded what was supposed to be a reasonable accessible software package called vmware player and decided to buy vmware workstation pro 15.

Almost immediately I found a few issues.

Namely the non reading of edit fields in the program and the fact that there were some slowdowns.

Things were all right for what I was needing the software for but in 2020, I upgraded to the latest vmware 16.

Not only were my accessibility issues not fixed, but on reboot the windows keyboard refused to work till I ran a restore of windows.

I had previously installed enhanced keyboard and forgot to check it, which may have caused the issue but by then I wasn't that happy with the software interface.

Pluss on removing vmware software performance on my system went up.

As well as this I had forgotten my vmware account password and needed a captcha to get it and then I just couldn't be bothered anymore.

What is virtualbox like.

I am actually interested in portable virtual box because I can run it, its drivers and services when I want will run and it will go away when I am done, yet I can use it and it may just be the ticket to my fiddling.

Then again after the almost near fatal experience with the latest vmware on windows I am loathed to bother trying at all.

I don't have room for a dedicated system to run virtual anything and since I almost had to reformat due to no keyboard working in windows, and with my tinkering with virtual machines really just that, I seriously don't want to go through that again.

If its possible I therefore want something that will run from anywhere, and then when I don't need it go away leaving windows in tact.

Is it worth to try again, it looks like I may get a better ride with keyboard shortcuts and can customise them which will be really cool.

But is it worth it and will it be better than vmware or should I simply get out of virtual machines alltogether.

On that note, is the hypervisor hyper v system in windows worth my time.

It comes with the os so I hope it will not destroy windows if I make a mistake.

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